Outset is about doing things in a way that matters to you. We’re creating venues that give another dimension to dialogue, art, design, and even customs. And as we’re envisioning a bolder future, we're laying the foundations of something that stays and grows with you – reflecting your ideas, stories, and passions.



We bring bold ideas to life through concepts in hospitality, wellness, and property.


We’re here to bring immersive, organic, and experiential encounters to Dubai's dynamic dining scene.  Know that when you walk through our doors, you’re walking into an encounter that awakens your soul.

Outset is deeply invested in building communities, and we’re passionate about good wholesome food. These two tenets lie at the heart of our DNA and you’ll find them reflected in the architecture, initiatives, and brand values, across all our concepts. You’ll smell and taste it in the rich flavors of our gourmet coffees and carefully crafted dishes.


With Dubai's bustling lifestyle at the core of our inspiration, we create spaces where culture can play, communities can grow, and explore the vibrant opportunities the city has to offer. We create places that live and breathe creativity, providing a playground for Dubai's artists, entrepreneurs, and families alike.


Physical and mental well-being lie at the heart of our mission. It’s what helps us create healthier, happier, and more balanced communities that are able to give back and do more. And because we understand the importance of good health and mental well-being in enriching individual lives, we’ve turned a lifelong passion into an art form. One that invites our communities to participate in wellness endeavors that champion the best kind of growth.