Terra Eatery


Serving an unconventional farm-to-table dining experience, Terra Eatery is a coastal-inspired Mediterranean culinary collective that champions the unorthodox and the extraordinary. The setting and ambiance celebrate and elevate exquisite encounters with food. Terra partners design and architecture in ways that embrace nature. It creates moments where you catch the soft afternoon sun amidst calming nestled spaces. And because Terra juxtaposes rustic, earthy features and lush greenery alongside contemporary elements, it represents Dubai’s unique urban culture – all the while benchmarking a gastronomical oasis that takes diners away from the city hassles.

The team of culinary experts at Terra also keep things fresh. They play with ingredients, experimenting with tastes and flavors to turn foods into elegantly crafted, tasteful dishes that reinvent global flavors.

Boston Lane


A food and caffeine haven in the heart of Dubai, Boston Lane is a hidden gem that’s parked at the junction where gourmet coffee, culture, and creativity intersect at the Courtyard in Al Quoz Creative Zone. We know our space serves as a backdrop for the city growing communities and their stories and we proudly unite them over toasties, pancakes, lattes, and fuss-free tasty food.

And when the weather turns for the better, we also take our wholesome fare and aromatic coffees outdoors through our container store at the Ripe Market, Police Academy Park.



Neighbors is a quaint, warm, and welcoming corner café situated in Dubai’s bustling Jumeirah district. With its snug setting, easy and familiar vibe, tasty food, and delicious brews, it’s a space where Dubai comes to catch up with friends, ‘work from home,’ or unwind after a busy day. Neighbors rounds up talented baristas, skilled chefs, and expert bakers to serve a curated assortment of delicious, wholesome comfort food, and healthy dishes that are inspired by some of the world’s top cuisines.

As an artisanal place constantly experimenting, the bakery at Neighbors serves tasteful goodies that are recognized for their quality and freshness across the Emirates.



Oppidan, reinvents Italian-inspired, home-style food that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the belly. Set in a quiet villa on Al Wasl Road, it serves elevated but relaxed Mediterranean dishes that are a reminder of the rich colors and flavors of the sea. With its artisanal pasta freshly made in front of your eyes, Oppidan stays close to tradition yet serves it with a twist. Oppidan elevates Italian-inspired fare, serving wholesome, and ingredient-driven food that can be enjoyed in-house or taken home to help you curate your own inspired culinary creations.

Offering a new take on the traditional, Oppidan is creating a stylish dine-in concept amidst bright sun-kissed walls that further enhance the ombre, ochre, and yellow hues of the décor. As a stylish and spacious space that uplifts the senses, Oppidan still delivers on being private and cozy.

         Watch this space for updates.