CMPLX is the first of our real estate projects. As a collective of seven carefully curated and deliberately designed warehouses, CMPLX is dedicated to the community. It nurtures local and international talents by giving voice to the ideas and thoughts that are shaping the future. By combining crisp architectural design with functional simplicity to deliver multi-purpose spaces, the 3000 sqm real estate project located in Al Quoz Creative Zone underscores everything Outset stands for. It facilitates and supports homegrown businesses in the UAE and gives artists and luminaries a chance to come together for work, recreation, inspiration, and play.

CMPLX exists as a place to converse, take risks, invent, break rules, and experiment. By operating as a physical sanctuary that brings together corporates and creatives, it is a communal reflection of the things that drive you. From work, exercise, recreation, and restoration, CMPLX can operate as a place that curates venues and outlets for all lifestyles and choices. It’s a space that reflects its community, and can stand in for street culture, art, workspace, and a health and leisure sanctuary. When you walk in through its doors, you’ll find an environment that lives and breathes our values with a soul and life of its own– a place that inspires you and ensures that we grow. Together.

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